FINALLY, a course that helps you get over the fear of starting your new (or next) business. In this fighting fear series, we get results by showing you:

    • Tricks, tips, and templates to meet any fear head on—and win
    • Ways around the "monkey wrench" fear throws into your best-laid plans
    • Strategies to feel confident when making big decisions about how to start any new "adventure"
    • How to spot the friends of fear, (indecision, procrastination, worry, and others) and move right past them
    • When to question the motives of others (who may want to keep you from getting going...and growing) 
    • What to do when you don't know what to do next 
    • Why "acting now" overcomes all of fear's tactics that have kept you stuck 

  • "This Has Given Me Hope"

    "I'm so thrilled to be stepping out of FEAR and headed toward the business I love--and in the comfort of my home.

    This is my Dream” {Beta tester}




    With so many people wanting to quit their jobs and enjoy working from home, there’s never been a better time to start than right now. Join us on your fighting fear adventure. We'll be right beside you in battle.

  • When people ask us is it possible for them to start a business even though they've only worked a "job" all their lives, we tell them: "If you can get past FEAR...you can."

    Listen, there are tons of businesses out there making it. And after helping hundreds of students our biggest frustration over the last few years has been that: FEAR STILL STOPS MANY NEW IDEAS FROM EVEN STARTING. We've vowed to help people put a stop to fear once and for all!

  • BONUS: You get 2 instructors for the "price" of one

    DOUBLE BONUS: You get to keep the first lesson for just 1 buck (That's a $74.25 Savings)

  • You can truly fight back against the FEAR bullies in almost any area and we're here to help you win.

    That’s why we created this premium course for you. We want to help you break down any FEAR barriers blocking your journey to entrepreneurship. We intend to point out a few of the gremlins along the way so you can avoid them. No matter what your starting point - or how you might feel we can help you get started right now!


    (We know it's a stock photo...but she looks like she's about to kick some serious fear booty--just saying :-)


  • Very quickly, let’s take a look at the value-packed course our team has put together for you

  • Module 1

    Showing you ways to bust through your Fear Barrier by...

    • Shinning a light on why fear needs to be put in its place once and for all
    • Helping you examine fear and all its little tricks
    • Solving your specific fear challenge 
    • Positioning you to take your entrepreneurial steps

  • Module 2

    Super Strategies to put fear in its place by...

    • Showing you the small business lifestyle and how you can get it, too
    • Giving you tips and tricks to render fear useless
    • Reminding you that fear doesn't give up without a fight (and what to do about it) 
    • Walking you through ways to "judo" fear and use its energy to propel you forward

  • Module 3

    Stay Strong! Ongoing Tactics to remain fearless with...

    • On screen "look-ins" on your progress
    • Strategies to remain fearless
    • Building bulletproof goal-setting to keep you focused
    • Showing you how getting to your goal enriches you life

  • Module 4

    Free from Fear! Ready to Launch!
    wraps it up and gets you ready to start your new thing by...

    • Visioning your new business
    • Ordering your life to fit your new business
    • Showing strategies to step out of your job and into your business
    • Preparing to outsmart layoffs, downsizing and losing a job

  • Our Guarantee