This course,"GOING FROM FEAR TO YOUR FIRST BUSINESS" is going to help you stop fear in its tracks and help you get back the life you deserve. Taught by two master entrepreneur trainers to help you crush fear and all its friends.

  • "This Has Given Me Hope"

    "I'm so thrilled to be stepping out of FEAR and headed toward the business I love--and in the comfort of my home.

    This is my Dream”






    This could be you. There’s never been a better time to start than right now.
    Don’t let FEAR stop you. Join us and we’ll give you the tools and knowledge to get over the hump to earn money doing what you love.

  • When people ask us is it possible for me to have a profitable business, they’re always a bit surprised to hear the answer: "If you can get past FEAR...you can."

    There are millions of businesses out there making it. And after helping hundreds students our biggest takeaway over the last few years has been: FEAR HAS STOPPED MANY FROM STARTING NEW BUSINESSES. We've vowed to help people put a stop to fear once and for all...

  • Meet Your Trainers

    Randy is a business owner who helps you overcome fear so you can one day own YOUR own business. Randy graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Business Administration and has a Master's Degree in Organizational Management. Randy is a business creation consultant, entrepreneur, podcaster, and author of 5 books (and counting). He is a professional development coach and speaker who motivates and inspires by using time-tested business principles for better life results. He is currently the Chief Idea Officer for RBRIDGE BUSINESS INSTITUTE, LLC., a business creation holding company. In his free time ("what's that?" he says) Randy likes to read, write, and think up new way to help people live their best most authentic fear-free lives.

    Zena Patillo

    Inspiring staff, clients and students to greater accomplishment and self-awareness

    Zena has spent the past 20 years motivating diverse workforces to excellence. Zena uses her work experience, education, energy, and passion for diversity, and energy, to increase employees’ understanding of core organizational values and their personal interest in growth and adaptability.
    She has obtained a proven track record of inspiring staff, clients and students to greater accomplishment and self-awareness.
    Zena holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Legal Administration from Grand Valley State University and a Master’s of Arts Degree from Western Michigan University in Human Resources.
    She lives in Michigan and spends her free time reading, cooking, socializing, bowling, taking long drives and traveling.

  • We're giving you more by Tag-Team-Teaching this course...

  • You can truly fight back against the FEAR bullies in almost any area and we're here to help you win.

    That’s why we created this premium course for you. We want to help you break down any FEAR barriers blocking your journey to entrepreneurship. We intend to point out a few of the gremlins along the way so you can avoid them. No matter what your starting point - or how you might feel we can help you get started right now!


    We will go on this journey with you.


  • "Going From Fear to Your First Business"

    Our team poured our hearts out into creating this life changing course for you and we’re confident that it will give you what you need to succeed in firing your fear and firing up for your fantastic business.

  • Very quickly, let’s take a look at the value-packed course our team has put together for you

  • Module 1

    Showing you ways to bust through your Fear Barrier by...

    • Shinning a light on why fear needs to be put in its place once and for all
    • Helping you examine fear and all its little tricks
    • Solving your specific fear challenge 
    • Positioning you to take your entrepreneurial steps

  • Module 2

    Super Strategies to put fear in its place by...

    • Showing you the small business lifestyle and how you can get it, too
    • Giving you tips and tricks to render fear useless
    • Reminding you that fear doesn't give up without a fight (and what to do about it) 
    • Walking you through ways to "judo" fear and use its energy to propel you forward

  • Module 3

    Stay Strong! Ongoing Tactics to remain fearless with...

    • On screen "look-ins" on your progress
    • Strategies to remain fearless
    • Building bulletproof goal-setting to keep you focused
    • Showing you how getting to your goal enriches you life

  • Module 4

    Free from Fear! Ready to Launch!
    wraps it up and gets you ready to start your new thing by...

    • Visioning your new business
    • Ordering your life to fit your new business
    • Showing strategies to step out of your job and into your business
    • Preparing to outsmart layoffs, downsizing and losing a job

  • Our Guarantee


    In general we hope that you vigorously apply what you learn in the video series. And while our guarantee is based on this ideal, we understand that circumstances  may prevent you from doing all you can to apply the principles. Yet, we ask that a chance be given to walk you through the steps one-on-one before any refunds be made.